The Human Rights Party

The Objectives of the Human Rights Party are to (1) win enough seats in the U.S. House of Representatives so that no single party will have a clear majority of votes; and (2) originate and support legislation and policies that will insure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all individuals.

The Basic Principles for the Human Rights Party are as follows:

  1. All forms of offensive warfare, including pre-emptive actions, must be eliminated.
  2. All types of discrimination, in any form, must be eliminated.
  3. All individuals must have access to quality health care.
  4. All individuals must have access to decent personal housing alternatives.
  5. All individuals must have access to quality educational opportunities.
  6. All individuals must have access to viable employment opportunities.
  7. All disabled individuals must have adequate resources to insure their pursuit of happiness.
  8. All retired individuals must have adequate resources to insure their pursuit of happiness.
  9. Revenues from all forms of taxation must be adequate to fully fund all of the above.

The Party was created to give candidates and individual voters a new alternative that may be more in line with their own personal beliefs and convictions.

The Party is registered with the Public Disclosure Commission.

The Party does not solicit or accept any contributions of tangible monetary value.

The person responsible of this political advertisement is
Sam Wright
1522 Evanston Ct. NE, Olympia, WA, 98506
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Principles were drawn mainly from an essay entitled "Time for Outrage" by Stephane Hessel.




Unfortunately, “the pursuit of happiness” was not passed along from the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution.  Conservative politicians have never let us forget it. To insure the pursuit of happiness, both health care and post secondary education must be recognized as basic human rights for all Americans. The only cost effective way to provide universal health care is by providing a single national insurance program, including removal of the responsibility from both employers and employees (private and public sectors, including education). Exclusion of private insurance and advertising companies (and the IRS) from health care would save the American people trillions of dollars in unnecessary costs during the 21st century. Severing the current mandatory linkage between health care insurance and employment would create a major new and sustainable stimulus for job creation and growth of the American economy. For education, we need to recognize the essential role of post secondary training as part of our definition of basic education. Tuition fees in state college systems must be drastically reduced or eliminated. We can easily provide free health insurance and college tuition for all Americans simply by taxing capital gains at the same percentage rates as other income. The current tax rates for different categories of capital gains range from zero to 28 percent. All are well below the maximum rate of 37 percent for other income. The low rates on capital gains have been supported by both Democrats and Republicans since the 1980s and are a major contributor to the current high level of income inequality. They have also provided countless millions for political campaigns.